District 5400 Training
It is hard to believe you are starting the second quarter of your presidency and I am just now getting this out to you. For those who I have not met, my name is Steve Gage, and I am your District Trainer.
I have some fairly fresh memories of being in your shoes as club president of the Boise Sunrise Club (2019/2020) when our normal world was not normal anymore. I also remember during my year thinking ‘I hope I am doing this right’ and not always knowing where to turn for advice or help. I did learn that the District leadership is a great resource. The District has servant leaders that are focused on make your Rotary experience the best it can be.
With that in mind, I would like to let you know we have a small but mighty District 5400 Training Committee. Our committee is focused on helping clubs succeed and improve the Rotary experience for your members. The committee has worked with the District Membership committee to develop a “New Member Orientation” package and have delivered once via Zoom. The package is designed to be delivered district wide or can be delivered at the club level.
The committee is also working on a district training plan to help club leaders be successful. This training is based on the courses delivered thru RI’s Learning Center. The courses are self-study and answer many questions regarding being in a club leadership position or just being a great club member.
We are also working on some best practices collections regarding how to develop club leadership successional planning and a group of mentors for club secretaries and treasurers. We are also beginning to think about what kind of training might folks like to see at the 2021 District Conference.
We would like to hear what kind of training / educational opportunities you would like to see at District Conference or any informational sharing (another form of training) efforts we can put on to benefit your club. Please let us know your ideas.
Lastly, I would like to know what we can do to help you, your club leadership team or your members have a better Rotary experience. If we can help you with specific issues, ideas on resources or just someone to listen please contact me.
Link to all training available: https://sites.google.com/view/rotary-club-leadership-summit-/training-sessions/club-leadership-resources?authuser=0
Thank you for your service to your club, your community and Rotary.
Steve Gage
District 5400 Trainer
661-805-3330 (cell)
Rotary Club of Boise Sunrise