Is it May already? I'd like to thank April for taking the brunt of mother nature so that we can enjoy all of the outdoor activities planned in Sun Valley!
May is also Rotary's designated Youth Service Month. It's true that the children born today will be our leaders tomorrow, but it's not all on them. Every interaction, every teaching moment and every kindness that we demonstrate; they all make an impression on those young creative minds.
We've seen so many RYLA and RYE successes come out of our district, and it's all because of your desire to create a better tomorrow. Thank you for finding so much value in this that you've consistently dedicated your own time and efforts to making sure these programs continue. The impact you make is beyond comprehension.
I've been patiently awaiting May's arrival because with it brings both our District Celebration and Rotarians together after such a long absence. I am ecstatic to catch up with all of you! Until then, my friends.
Yours in Rotary,
Governor Russell

'21-'22 District 5400 Governor