Idaho Song Video
The Idaho song video has gone thru a number of changes mostly editing tweaks and titles and such. No sooner do I think, “Well, that’s it.” than I go back, see something I want to change, and I’m back in it.
I did upload a large video file to all of you which people tell me is cumbersome to deal with. For that I apologize.
I’ve been advised to post it on YouTube and you can find it easily at
I have been sending the large files to all Rotary clubs in the Treasure Valley. Some have played it, some have not. I was pretty sure they’d love it but I have also learned that my club, the Boise Downtown Rotary is one of the few clubs that sings let alone has music at meetings.
Several folks have recommended I introduce it to some of the TV stations with the caveat that no monies are involved. Should some financial opportunity arise from this, be assured I will share it equally with all of you who made this possible.
Personally, doing this was very gratifying. Not using my own art made me more objective in my choices. Plus it reminded me how beautiful our state really is. (I actually never forgot that.)
Again, I’d like to thank all of you for your generosity and hope you enjoy the final product of the Idaho Song Video.
Happy Mother’s Day and best regards, 
Jeff Leedy
Fine Art Humorist