Posted by Craig Vroom
Kurt Wolf, City Arborist and McCall Parks and Recreation Director, exclaimed “You guys need some bigger rocks for that tree!” and off he went to get his wheel loader. Rotary Club of McCall/Payette Lakes did, indeed, need some larger rocks to stabilize one of the 40 mature trees being planted that day, trees that the club contributed over $5,000 to purchase. The tree Wolf was referring to was a beautiful, ten-foot-tall mountain ash that was to serve as one of two sentinels at the entrance to McCall’s latest city park, Riverfront Park.

After receiving instructions from Kurt’s crack team of tree-planting experts, the club broke into small groups and selected from tools that included wheelbarrows, soil, shovels and rakes. Volunteers joined from Rotary, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, the McCall Outdoor Science School, among others. As McCall mayor and fellow planter Jackie Amon exclaimed at the site, “This is what McCall is all about!” 

Riverfront is transforming from former city dump to a jewel of a park along the Payette River. Just down the hill from the Smokejumper Base, the park will serve fishermen, kayakers, birders and anyone who wants to enjoy a walk along the river. Terry Edvalson, the Rotary Club Tree Project Chair, worked with the city to fund the project and also organized the almost 70 hard-working volunteers. Planting of additional trees not ready for transplanting this fall will take place in the spring. Among them will be Tamarack trees to line the road leading to the park. Volunteers will be sought for the spring planting.