Montpelier Club off with a bang!
The Montpelier Club started off May with a bang!  Saturday, May 1 we pulled off our annual fundraiser that we call “Radio Days”.  About half the club is involved in asking local businesses to purchase an ad to be read on the local radio station.  Then, on Saturday morning we go to the radio station and spend 4 hours reading those ads and asking for donations from the listening audience.  We included Facebook and texting to promote the event which helped reach people who don’t listen to the local station. 
The Club also managed to complete our two miles of highway trash pick up between spring storms. Covid kept us from doing this last year so there was a little more trash than usual but with a good turn-out of family members and friends of Rotarians, we got it done!
Now it is planning time for our big month of July with 4th of July community breakfast and fireworks and a car show at the end of the month.