Posted by Terry Ziegler

No new Wild Polio cases reported this week.           

What is that Polio Eradication Picture?   Toward a Polio-Free Afghanistan This picture shows a child receiving the Oral Polio Vaccine in Afghanistan - one of the over 5 million vaccinated there in early November of 2018.  See the Afghanistan report below.

The Rotary Foundation Receives Highest Rating! For the 11th straight year, The Rotary Foundation has received a four-star rating, the highest possible, from Charity Navigator, an independent evaluator.

Zero is the Magic Number!   The three year Countdown to History starts after the final Wild Polio case. Today, we count three weeks since the report of the most recent Wild Polio case.

  • Rotary is committed to raise $50 Million (including Rotarian, public, and DDF donations) to be matched by $100 mil from the Gates Foundation - for each of the next two years - for a total of $300 million for the Global Polio Eradication effort.  
  • Vaccine Derived Polio Cases - Papua New Guinea, Kenya, SYRIA, SOMALIA, Niger, Nigeria & DRC - Vaccine Derived Polio Cases reported in 2018: Papua New Guinea - Twenty -Five cases (No new cases this week), Nigeria - Twenty-seven cases (No new cases this week), Niger - Eight cases (One new case reported this week), Somalia - Thirteen cases (No new cases this week), DRC - Nineteen cases (No new cases this week).  Ninety-six Vaccine derived Polio cases were reported in 2017 - Ninety-two so far in 2018.   
Quote of the Day -  November is Rotary Foundation Month -

“Rotarians have always been on the front lines of this effort (to eradicate Polio) - we still are.  So what can you do?  Tell everyone you know about Rotary and Polio.  Make a donation.  Update your club and explore how together you could participate directly in the fight.”  Ron Burton, Rotary Foundation Trustee Chair 2018-19

The Final Three Endemic Countries: 

  • Pakistan - No new Polio cases reported this week. Eight Polio cases reported in 2018 - the most recent case was from FATA with an onset of paralysis on 10/07/18.  Pakistan's 2018 Polio cases have all come from just four Districts!  Eight cases reported in 2017.  Two new Polio-Positive Environmental Samples were reported this week in Pakistan.  
  • Afghanistan - No new Polio cases reported this week (but a suspected case may be confirmed next week).  Nineteen Polio cases reported in 2018 - the most recent case was from the Nawzad District, Hilmand Province with an onset of paralysis on 10/02/18.  Fourteen cases reported in 2017.  On November 5-9, 2018, Polio vaccination teams across Afghanistan targeted 5.3 million children under the age of five in high-risk provinces. The vaccination campaign came on the heels of several newly reported cases.  Confirmation of even one polio case anywhere signals remaining vaccination coverage gaps which must be filled to achieve eradication.   Six new Polio-Positive Environmental Samples were reported this week in Afghanistan.
  •  Nigeria - No Wild Polio cases have been reported in 2017 or 2018.   The most recent Polio case was reported on 8/20/16.  Nigeria is to be congratulated on 2-1/4 years without a Wild Polio case! 
   Our Goal is Global Polio Eradication!!