Semilla Nueva is hiring! 
Semilla Nueva’s social enterprise is hiring a development and communications manager to join their leadership team and help take their fundraising, partnerships, and story to the next level. Malnutrition is the biggest cause of childhood death around the world. Semilla Nueva fights malnutrition with better corn seeds. Their seeds provide farmers better yields and produce a more nutritious corn that provides kids with the nutrients they need to grow. Semilla Nueva reached 10,000 families last year who improved the nutrition of 250,000 people. The goal is to reach 7 million people within the next three years. Semilla Nueva is looking for an ambitious fundraiser and communicator who can help out in this area. You don’t need to move to Guatemala, know Spanish, or be able to drive stick—but they’d be happy if you did! Check out the job description and this small video ( 

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