Todd Fischer Riding to End Polio!
Excellent news: As of 6/14/21, there have only been (2) wild polio virus cases noted globally in Afghanistan and Pakistan, since January 1, 2021.  
To continue the fight against polio, Todd Fischer, member of Downtown Rotary, is in the process of trying to cycle 3000 miles from Seattle to Boston! Todd started his ride May 25th and is currently somewhere in the middle of the country.  His wife Karry is serving as his support, driving alongside.  
Todd is dedicating this ride to ENDING POLIO!
Many Rotarians are sponsoring Todd PER MILE...($.20 per mile, for example, or whatever you would like...any amount helps!)
Please join us in supporting Todd and the effort to END POLIO, by donating to Polio Plus at the Rotary International website, using your RI credentials: 
After your donation, please email Mary Reiman to indicate your action and donation so she can add you to our growing District 5400 list of donors, and keep track of our District 5400 total.  
Thank you for all you do to eradicate polio from the planet!
Together we can make it happen!
Make your day great for you and others!
Todd's Blog Entry dated June 19th, 2021
I have been in the parts of the USA were wifi doesn’t exist and my poor phone can’t deal with all the pictures.
I have around 7 blog entires written that I will upload when I get decent connectivity.
I do have daily milage log so I can give a detailed ledger, but the distance is around 1,300 miles so far.
Where am I?  Thanks for asking.  I am in Graceville, having crossed the South Dakota border into Minnesota today.  My parents grew up in Minnesota and I went to the ‘U for my Master’s.  I am excited to be  back in my old stomping grounds.