District 5400's Conference will feature a fun contest where members, guests or spouses can try to look like one of three photos of Paul Harris.
Any creative Rotarian can compete, and he (or she!) who receives the most votes at district conference will be the winner of a Paul Harris Fellow.  $1 for PolioPlus = 1 vote.   Arrive at the Friday evening conference social hour dressed and coifed like your favorite of the three visions of Paul Harris, and spend the evening convincing conference participants that you are the best look-alike!  That will be the fun part.  The success part is that you will be raising money for PolioPlus.  The best part is that you can accept votes from clubs and Rotarians who aren’t even at the conference!  You may start collecting pledges and contributions beginning Saturday, April 19 (Paul Harris' birthday), until noon on Saturday, May 17.  You’re only asked to dress as your favorite Paul Harris on Friday evening.  To continue the pledge gathering into Saturday at conference, we will post your costumed photograph next to the version of the Paul you aspire to be, allowing Rotarians to continue to “vote” until noon.