As of Saturday 1 March 2014, the first 105 Rotary clubs had reached 100 years! 
That was what started RGHF founder Jack M. B. Selway on a nearly fourteen year quest: "Who were the first 100 clubs?" The beginning of RGHF was Tomorrow, that job will be done? But no, what about the other 34,000 clubs. Don't they count? 
1st 16 Rotary Clubs
The First Sixteen Rotary Clubs
The first 100 Rotary Clubs are listed at but the "Rest of the Stories" must now be posted at Anyone can open a free account and do that. 
When will your club's centennial be? Please post your history now and be ready. Here's what we do know: 100 years from tomorrow, every one of today's surviving clubs will have reached the 100 year mark. 
It's remarkable that the first 100+5 are all still in business. You can't say that for hardly any 100 year old organizations. 
RGHFAnd, after nearly 14 years, what about RGHF?, and We have grown to over 4,000 pages, 50,000 articles, social media and much more. 

We have only just begun, and as Rotarians learn about Rotary's Global History, we'll see a renewed interest in the people with "pins that look like wheels."