As you know, our Rotary District and many clubs and individuals have embraced Semilla Nueva as not only a project, having now received two Rotary Global Grants, but also a passion.  The current Board of Directors is comprised primarily of Rotarians and I am honored to be serving as the Board Chair. 
Between District Conference presentations the past three years by Curt Bowen, the ED, and personal visits and presentations to clubs across the District by many, but primarily Curt and Rotarian Mike Sieler, awareness of Semilla Nueva has grown.  While many see the need and feel compelled to become involved, speaking from personal experience, it is really the opportunity to spend time in the communities, share food and smiles with the farmers and families that benefit and develop a human connection where the impact we can have is really made. 
Please consider joining your fellow Rotarians for another trip to Guatemala in November. Click here to see the itinerary and all the details.
P.S. Do you recall the piggy banks that Kathleen left with each club when she was DG? Her original goal was to collect funds for a microcredit project in Tanzania. Well, that didn't pan out, so, with the approval of the clubs who participated, those funds have been donated to Semilla Nueva, which enabled it to complete the requirements of the second Global Grant. - Ed.