Posted by BOB ROSE
This Boise Southwest Rotary program was established through Mountain States Tumor Institute (MSTI) in 1978. The institute provides names of families and their Christmas gift wishes for each family member. These families have a member going through cancer treatment and have very limited resources. Rotarians signup and purchase the Christmas gifts.
On December 15th, Rotarians and their family members packed food boxes for each of the 14 families. This included turkeys, can goods, pies, buns, butter, potatoes, sundries, etc. Then Rotarians delivered the food boxes and Christmas gifts to the families. The delivery area ranges from Eastern Oregon to Jerome. You should see the joy and special expressions on these families faces. It is heartwarming.
Special thanks to:
  • Sysco Foods for food donations
  • Rotary Members Julia and Terry Bowman for turkeys
  • Rotary Member Ric Gale for sundries