Posted by Jennifer Deroin
You know what they say about time flying?  I must be having fun, because it’s almost impossible to believe that we’re entering the final month of this Rotary year.  
Preparing to write this final letter to you, I thought about farewell messages with visions of the Von Trapp children singing in their uniforms made of curtains, exiting up the stairs.
But instead of “farewell”, I’d rather say, “thank you”.   
Thank You, for Being the Inspiration
Thank you for saying yes to Rotary and in turn, yes to building better communities.
Thank you for allowing me to join you to cook pancakes, throw little yellow ducks into the river, watch the most incredible community fireworks show, play baseball, and much more.
Thank you for providing countless emergency kits, feeding hungry people, building parks and greenbelts, improving literacy, caring for our precious resources, mentoring youth, helping mothers and their children, creating peace, and building libraries.
Thank you for inviting me into your homes, your clubs, and your communities.
Thank you for listening when I asked you to consider pulling more thread off your Rotary bobbin and weaving it into your life’s tapestry.  For considering how we create real and sustainable lasting change to some of society’s most difficult issues.  And for inspiring others to follow your lead, at a time when we need more examples of great humans.
Thank you for allowing me to walk beside you this past year, and for filling every corner of my heart.  You are a gift, and I will be forever grateful for having the opportunity to share this time and this journey with you. 
As we prepare to think about how we Connect the World in the new Rotary year, I thank you for Being the Inspiration today, and in the future.  One thing I know for sure, Rotarians are always inspiring.
P.S…it’s never farewell.  We’re in this together and I look forward to seeing you again soon dear friend.
P.S.S….here’s a link to a video that I hope you’ll enjoy.
Jennifer Deroin, '18-'19 District 5400 Governor