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From the Governor's Desk
20/20 VISION
Believe it or not, but this is not the most looked at poster of all time:
During this year of the COVID-19 Pandemic, that photo truly conveys a situation that all of us can probably relate to and an affirming message that we all need to hear. 
Despite its motivational qualities, the distinction for the most looked at poster of all time belongs to Herman Snellen.  Herman Snellen, a Dutchman, is responsible for the creation of a chart back in 1862 that has been looked at in a variety of different forms by billions of people all over the world.  This poster is called the Snellen Chart.  And if you don’t recognize it, you might need to get your eyes checked!
And since this is the last month of 2020, I would be remiss to not parlay one of the alternate pronunciations of this actual year (read “twenty – twenty”) and mention 20/20 as it relates to Vision.  Herman Snellen was an ophthalmologist and the Snellen Chart he created was used to measure “standard vision.” Basically, the term “20/20” means that one has normal vision acuity, i.e. what you can see at 20 feet is what someone with normal vision acuity can also see at 20 feet.  If you have “20/100” vision, that means that what somebody with normal vision acuity can see at 100 feet, you can see at 20 feet.  And if you can’t see clearly, thankfully there are ways to correct bad vision.
In Rotary, having Vision is extremely important.  In fact, we pride ourselves in having Good Vision.  Our Vision Statement is as follows: “Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.”  We are able to see that there is great need all over the world.  And we are not blind to the opportunity that Rotary provides for each of us to truly make a difference.
As we complete this 2020 year, I want to challenge each of us during this holiday season to examine our own vision of the world.  If we have 20/20 vision, we are able to see the good that Rotary does all over the world.  And as we examine ourselves, we realize that “Rotary Opens Opportunities” for us to maybe give or do a little more.  And as you ponder giving or doing more, I invite you to see the difference you truly will be making in the world.  And if you decide to do so, I promise you that you will make a difference in the world, and even more powerfully, you will see the difference you are making in yourself.
As we see these opportunities to grow Rotary individually within ourselves, we truly unite and grow Rotary collectively. 
Happy Holidays, my dear friends in Rotary.  May we all have the vision this year and beyond to practice Service Above Self, which truly translates in the holiday season to the following phrase: “It is better to give than to receive.”  When you give and do, I can clearly see the difference you are making in the world and in yourself! 

Ben Nelson '20-'21 District 5400 Governor



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