Visit a Club
It can be intimidating to just walk into a meeting but trust us, we love seeing new faces. You can contact our Membership chair here and they'll help find the right club for you. Some tips:
  • Find a club near you
  • Check out the club's social media or web page and see what the club is doing, meeting times and event vary by club.  Contact the president from the club directory page. 
  • Find an event or meeting that interests you. Consider the location and time of day, too.  Each club has different times of day and locations to accommodate our various needs
  • You don't need to ask permission or speak to anyone; just show up and introduce yourself.
  • When you arrive, ask any club officer to be your guide
  • Don't be shy! While most Rotarians will welcome you, don't hesitate to sit with them and introduce yourself. 
  • Visit multiple clubs to see how they differ to find the one right for you.  Visiting a meeting doesn't obligate you to become a member.
  • If you are interested in joining, ask the club if they have a Test Drive program. This will allow you to try out the club as a pseudo-member for a defined time with no obligation
  • If you have more questions, email the club president from the club directory
About Clubs
Each Rotary club is autonomous and different in many ways. Here are a few practices that vary by club:
  • Fellowship and fun 
  • Volunteering & service
  • Meeting times/Meeting place
  • Meeting format
  • Projects
  • Dues structure
Here are a few ways they are the same:
  • Some form of service and support to the community in time, talent, treasure. 
  • The desire to make friends, have fun, and engage in the community and network.
  • Fun!