Gratitude and Impact!


Taking action to create positive change locally and globally is an everyday opportunity in Rotary! And with November being Rotary Foundation Month, it’s a great time to highlight the power and impact your Foundation donations have both locally and globally, and more importantly to share gratitude and thanks for your donations.

D5400 clubs and mAmbulance in Ukraineembers collectively donated more than $58,000 to the Rotary Foundation’s Disaster Response Fund to support humanitarian relief for Ukrainian refugees and those impacted by the war in Ukraine. These donations are included in the more than $15 million received by the Foundation that were prioritized for Ukraine relief disaster response grants.  D5400 did more than make donations!  We joined 6 other Districts in the Big West Zone in a Disaster Relief grant totaling $175,000. This grant purchased and delivered a fully stocked medical ambulance, emergency backpacks to first responders, and other Inside of ambulancemedical equipment to the front lines of the war. As soon as this grant closes, D5400 will apply for another disaster response grant for $25,000 that will deliver tents, generators, and fuel to support care and compassion of those in need. The United Nations reports that more than 5 million people have sought refuge in neighboring countries and another 7 million have been displaced within Ukraine.

Locally, D5400 also distributed $53,863 in grants to 30 clubs in the District. The grants are being used to support literacy and elementary school projects, supplies for the homeless, picnic tables and parks, sports equipment for after school programs, domestic violence programs, and much, much more.   Additionally, there are many global grants that are being supported by D5400 in Guatemala, Ecuador, Mozambique. And wait there’s more!  D5400 has a global grant scholar who is wrapping up their studies at Kings College in London and will apply her military and peace building skills post-college. I hope you have a chance to meet her and invite her to speak to your club in the future.  

The D5400 people of action are impacting humanity and peace building locally and across the globe. Your Rotary experience can be as local or as global as you’d like it to be – and your donations to the Rotary Foundation are making a difference. Thank you for your support and for making this work possible.


Janice Fulkerson

'22-'23 District 5400 Governor

Positive Peace
 Peace is more than the lack of conflict or the absence of violence. Positive Peace creates and sustains societies that allow all people to flourish.  And this is what Rotarians are doing daily across District      5400 – working to support flourishing communities’ where we live and work.    
Rotary International is collaborating with the Institute for Economics and Peace to offer all Rotary members – and their community partners - the resources and tools they need to promote positive peace locally.  Want to learn more?  Check this out:  Institute for Economics and Peace | Rotary International
In District 5400 we have a Peace Force, that includes members from several clubs and it’s growing.  They are hosting annual Learning Peace Camps for kids, hosting peace walks, building peace parks and much more.   Here are some ideas you may want to build into your club’s programs:
  • Celebrate the International Day of Peace in September 21st with a fellowship or service event
  • Become a Rotary Peacebuilder Club
  • Plant a Peace Pole in your community
  • Include peace building messages in any service event
  • Plant pollinator trees, bushes, or a Chicago Peace Rose and add a peace pole or interpretive sign about peace and the planting
  • Join a local school or city program that promotes peace building
  • Use a peace pledge in their club or individual activities (sample pledges below)
  • Use a digital banner on social media with a peace builders’ message
  • Join and support existing local/regional peace building activities
  • Recognize a ‘Peace Hero’ in your community at a club meeting, or in conjunction with a peace walk in your community.  
  • Join the D5400 Peace Committee
  • Designate a Peace Ambassador in your club
For more information or ideas, reach out to District Governor Janice Fulkerson for her support.
Earth Stewardship
Rotary brings together diverse individuals, locally and globally, to have fun, connect people, transform communities and make a difference in the world! Imagine a world of peace, kindness, hope and joy, where people unite and take action to create lasting change.  That is Rotary!  
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