Posted by Kenneth Howell on Oct 10, 2019
World Polio Day 
Greetings Rotarians:
See below and attached for this week’s polio update.  We are now at 88 cases of polio for the year; 72 in Pakistan and 16 in Afghanistan.  Additionally, environmental sampling remains a concern in Pakistan, consistent with the number of cases seen there. 
Pakistan is redoubling vaccination efforts, but the familiar obstacles of politics, prejudice and social resistance to vaccination remain of concern.  While it is disheartening to go backwards, remember that as recently as 2014, Pakistan had over 300 cases a year.  Our progress may not prove to be as linear as we’d like, but we are making significant progress.  Note that in August alone, Pakistan immunized 8.3 million children, with over 260,000 frontline workers.  The campaign will continue, and with it our need for funding.
October 24 is World Polio Day, and this year the Global Commission for the Certification of Poliomyelitis Eradication will be announcing the eradication of Type 3 polio virus!  With Type 2 already declared eradicated, this means we are down to only Type 1.  This may have implications in how vaccinations are carried out, including the formulation of the vaccines used.
Keep up the faith, and keep up the fight.  Funding is still desperately needed to enable us to reach the full $50 million Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation match.  Use World Polio Day to build awareness and fundraise!