If you’re involved with Public Image for your club—or want to be—it’s time to brush up on the Rotary brand and logo, and especially… the #PeopleOfAction marketing campaign. Here’s how:
The Learning Center on Rotary.org is an outstanding resource for Rotarians. It has learning modules on Membership, Service, Foundation and much more. It contains an excellent learning plan for Public Image, and I can tell you it's time well spent. Below are links to the 5-part series. (Note that these links are behind the Rotary.org firewall so you'll need to create an account and be logged in first or the links won’t work. You can always search for these on the site under “Public Image”.)
You’ll find that these interactive training modules are all brief and focused—no more than 30 minutes long.
It’s important for us to have People of Action content from every club in the district, so someone from your club needs to be engaged with People of Action efforts—why not you?
And once you create People of Action images, it’s easy to post them to our district’s Flickr site.
Just upload your action shots to this album:
And your People of Action images to this one:
Feeling overwhelmed or confused? Don’t worry--there’s lots of help available. Here are more resources from past bulletins:
You can also ask your friendly, local AG if you need a hand with this, or reach out to the District PI committee at publicimage@rotary5400.org.
In Rotary service,
Your District Public Image Committee